• Manufacturing and supply of high tensile alloy steel and stainless steel fasteners and stems for Industrial valves applicable to high pressure,high temperature or low pressure and low temperature application. Our manufactoring range from 1/4" to 4" and M6 to M105 applications

  • With more than two decades of experience and continuous product development, we are acknowledged experts in manufacturing fully threaded stud bars, Hexagonal machine bolts, collar head bolts,structural bolts, hexagonal nuts, stems for industrial valves cover plate & motor support bolts for slurry pumps and other threaded components of odd sizes and specifications to suit customer specific needs.

  • Our efficient manufacturing and stringent quality assurance facilities coupled with reputed sources of raw material manufacturers in India and abroad gives us the flexiblity to match any customer specific demands for any application related to petroleum, chemical, fertilizer, nuclear, off shore oil & marine, petrochemical & gas, Structural, Pump & heavy engineering industries.

  • You can count on Precision Industrial Fasteners to get your material and accompanying documentation right.We provide the highest quality high tensile fasteners and stems produced under written procedures and backed by a quality control system with an industry reputation for consistent excellence.

  • Our fasteners and stems for industrial valves are heat treated in calibrated furnaces under strict quality supervision to get the best results from the following processes:

    i) Annealing
    ii) Normalizing
    iii) Quenching
    iv) Tempering
    v) Stress relieving
    vi) Carbride Solution treatment

  • Inventory:-Considerable stock of raw material is available for realising tight delivery schedules mainly during shutdown periods of petroleum, chemical and fertilizer units

  • Indepth technical knowledge, manufacturing expertise and a business philosophy based on principles of Quality and Service ensure a full understanding of customer requirements. Our production facility is fully equipped with a unique blend of traditional manufacturing skills combined with the latest computer technology enabling us to provide the widest range of fasteners and stems quickly, competitively and at the highest possible levels of manufacturing excellence.

  • PIF manufactures fasteners to satisfy the requirements of the most hostile environments such as aqueous and dry corrosion extremes of temperatures and high levels of stress. As such conditions demand absolute quality our commitment to quality is an even updating process.

  • Fasteners can be supplied with certification from UHDE(I) Ltd, Chemtex Engg. of India Ltd, FEDO, BVIS, DNV, PDIL, BAX Counsel, Toyo, H&G and other consultants/inspection agencies if required.

  • Coat and Finish:
    All our products are available in the full range of surface finishes and coating given below:
    1. Cadmium
    2. Zinc
    3. Phosphate
    4. Hot dip spun Galvenised
    5. Nickel
    6. Chromium
    7. Fluro carbon and
    8. Cadmium

    All the above are processed by fully approved sub-contractors to Precision Industrial Fasteners.